How to avoid chocolate and sugar craving in the evenings?

They say “food brings people together” and that’s why you celebrate with your loved one.

It usually starts with Christmas or other holy celebrations, then Australia day, Easter long weekend, Anzac day, Mother’s day and our birthday and loved one’s birthdays and the least goes on and on.

You celebrate the special days that are important with yummy carbs and sweets from traditional family recipes to the new gluten-free and dairy-free recipes.

These traditions are very important and you want to keep them alive as long as you can. But it can become a habit of eating chocolates and carbohydrates in the evenings in the regular bases and hard to stop!


It’s that time of the evening again! As the hour hand of the clock inches towards 5, you start feeling good, better and the best! For you, it is the best time of the day not just because you can shut your laptop or stop whichever work you are doing and head to home.

There is another reason that makes this time of the day different for most men and women. They experience a strange urge to eat something yummy, and sweet, like say, a chocolate or a cookie! And for most of you, controlling this craving can be too difficult!

Are you familiar with this feeling?

Have you ever thought about why you feel the same almost every day as the sun goes down?

Let’s find answers to this strange urge to eat chocolates and carb-rich foods in the evening. We will also discuss some healthy and effective ways to control this urge so that your cravings do not affect your healthy dietary habits.

Why do you feel a strange urge to eat carb-rich food in the evening?

  • Dehydration in during the day is one of the main reasons after a boring or a stressful day!
  • The evening is the time when sufficient time has elapsed from your last meal. By then, your body has already utilized the sugars available to it to meet the energy requirement resulting in lower blood sugar levels. And if you haven’t had enough protein and fiber in your last meal then this dip in the blood sugar levels can cause you to crave for something sweet so that you can re-fuel your body with a source of energy.
  • And sometimes, it becomes just a habit to eat something sugary simply because it makes you feel good, especially if you have had a hectic and stressful day! The instant rise in the blood sugar levels that occurs after eating chocolates can enhance your energy levels and help you feel good.
  • Sometimes loneliness is the blame and you actually eat to kill time or because you just want to munch on while watching a cooking show or a sad movie!
  • Lack of minerals and vitamin can be the cause as well.

It is important to recognize the cause of the cravings in the evening and take steps to control it. This will help you avoid consuming empty calories that most sugary foods like chocolates, pastries, and cookies are laden with. Let’s discuss some proven strategies to control the cravings for sugars in the evening.

Effective ways to control the cravings for sugars in the evening:

Increase your water intake

Research studies have proven that keeping yourself well-hydrated can keep the hunger pangs and cravings under control. Sometimes, being thirsty is confused with hunger. Hence, the next time you feel an urge to eat chocolates or something sugary, drink a glass of water first. Curiously enough, you may just find your urge disappearing after you have re-hydrated your body.

When coupled with performing exercises, it is also a good option to avoid sugar cravings in the summer months.

Use magnesium supplements and Collagen Powder

Research studies have indicated that the use of Magnesium supplement can control your sugar cravings in the evening. Magnesium can improve carbohydrate metabolism. It can enhance the sensitivity of the body’s cells and tissues to insulin.

This can improve the efficacy of this hormone thus ensuring stable blood sugar levels. These effects of magnesium supplement can prevent the urge to eat chocolates, cookies, and other carb-rich foods triggered by a dip in your blood sugar levels.

Collagen also contains many good proteins and proteins are a good source to keep you fuller for a longer time and has of long-lasting energy! When your body has these proteins, it takes longer to go through your body and so it will curve your carving.

Follow a healthy way to avoid boredom

Eating sugary foods is definitely not a healthy way to spend your precious time or beat boredom. You can instead try better ways like joining a gym or dance classes. It can be anything that makes you feel good or has been your hobby.

Try to recollect what you enjoyed doing in your college days like playing outdoors, swimming, or dancing!

Spend your evening time with these activities. this will not only make you feel good but also take your mind off your cravings!

Choose nutritious foods

Sometimes, going outdoor to pursue your hobby can be difficult due to weather conditions or traffic! In such cases, most people prefer to stay indoors. They spend their time eating sugary foods.

If you must stay indoors, you can make a wiser choice by eating foods containing healthy fats and other nutrients like seeds, nuts, and avocado. These foods do not contain harmful sugars but provide a source of healthy fats while also keeping you full. You can also beat your craving for sugars by sipping on a piping hot vegetable soup in winter.

Recognizing why exactly you feel hungry or crave for sugary foods in the evening is the first step towards avoiding them. Make sure you follow the tips given here to avoid these unhealthy cravings. This will help you stay focused on your healthy eating habits and enhance your overall fitness.


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